Best PC gaming deals of the week – 14th December 2018

Welcome one and all, your deals herald has returned from her Day That Shall Not Be Named mini-break. There’s still a bit of residual trauma associated with that dark, dark day (dealsdealsdeals), but a week spent playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for reasons even I can’t fathom has been one heck of an antidote. It’s probably because I’ve been challenging all that endless, repetitive deals-checking frenzy into Odyssey’s equally repetitive stabbing objectives. All I’ve got to do is loot one treasure you say? Sure! That’s like a big fat 80% off sticker compared to some objectives I’ve previously completed, I will do that right away, no problem. Anything to get one more golden proclamation across the screen that makes it feel like I’m accomplishing something.

But enough Odyssey rambling. You’re here for the deals! And man alive are there some good ones, particularly if you’re looking for some cheapy cheap games. And it doesn’t even involve any murdering random foot soldiers in the bushes either. Result.


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