Marvel Comics Finally Addresses Winter Soldier’s Brainwashing Trauma

Despite not having his own solo ongoing title in a few years, Bucky Barnes has been cropping up over the Marvel Universe pretty persistently, and usually in the places you’d least expect him. After returning from space during his brief stint as the Man On The Wall, a sort of one-man cosmic police force, he spent some time leading the Thunderbolts and playing babysitter for Kobik, a sentient cosmic cube personified as a six-year-old girl. After that, he teamed up with Clint Barton to solve the mystery of Natasha Romanoff’s murder (she got better, don’t worry). It’s all felt a little bit like musical chairs — Bucky’s stories have kept him from collecting dust, but not doing much else to move his character forward, placing him as a prominent feature player in other people’s conflicts, but never letting him have too many of his own — at least, until now.

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