Priceless Play – 15 December 2018

Is there anything quite so glorious as being right? The smug playground-satisfaction of pulling out an “I told you so,” or (even better) the long-con revenge of living well? Of course, every good thing has its price. For every instance of being right, there must exist an equal and opposite instance of being wrong. The less enjoyable forfeit of “You were right, and I was wrong. Vanessa Hudgens does play her doppelgänger, Lady Margaret Delacourt, Duchess of Montenaro in hit Netflix original film The Princess Switch, and she doesn’t have a heretofore unknown identical twin.” Sometimes it stings to be wrong. But it means you put yourself out there — and that’s commendable.

When we’re having trouble juggling responsibilities, decisions, and judgement, our good friend Video Games comes in. For some, the holidays are looming ahead. For another few, this means spending time with family. Your experiences could run the gamut! Tensions might be running high. Maybe you need to practice admitting you were wrong. Or maybe you need to practice being right. Maybe you just need a break from deciding anything at all. For whatever you need, I hope here lies the remedy. You decide.


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