7 toylike games to play during the winter holidays

Happy holidays! Time to see what’s in your stocking. Oh, it’s another copy of The Golf Handbook (Third Edition). And some toenail clippers. Great. No, honestly, that’s fine. It’s not like little Jemima over there is dashing about in her cool lion slippers, making you ache for an era of innocence and novelty that you can never revisit. And who cares if she’s clashing her dinosaur figurines over the ruins of a Lego city? You certainly don’t. Why, you barely notice as her damned wonderful slippers go “rarr” with every step. Oh well, better go set the table for dinner.

No! We won’t allow it. Turn that holiday frown upside-holiday-down, adult friend of mine. Children do not have a monopoly on fun. Here are seven playthings that’ll make you click, smile, discover, and giggle. These are all toys as much as they are games, and they’re your real stocking fillers. Enjoy.


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