Priceless Play – 29 December 2018

I’m sorry, dear reader. I have failed you. I was unable to get this to you in time to save your Christmas dinners. Your beef wellingtons, unwell. Puff pastry, unpuffed. If only you had had this collection of free games about cooking — only then could your Christmas dinner have been truly spectacular. I am here to rectify my error. There’s always New Year’s.

Now: where to look for guidance? Sure, there’s Cooking Mama, Overcooked, Cook, Serve, Delicious, The cooking minigames in Breath of the Wild, The cooking minigames in Skyrim. No game with cooking in it is bad (it’s the law) and also cooking games teach you how to cook in the real world! Slice, dice, and sear. Let’s get started.


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