Fallout 76’s New Patches Have Been A Bit Of A Mess

A recent patch for Fallout 76 reintroduced problems that had already been fixed in a previous patch. But in an ironic twist, Bethesda’s hotfix to take care of the issue again introduced a bug that’s even worse. The problem appears to be ongoing, so it’s difficult to tell when a new fix will be issued to fix the issues caused by the fix to the fix.

Rock Paper Shotgun reports that when Patch 5 rolled out, it brought back issues that had already been fixed in Patch 4, such as making bobby pins much heavier than they should be. The company issued a mea culpa and quickly sent out a hotfix, but that seems to have introduced a new bug that trashes crafting materials.

Users on the Fallout 76 subreddit noticed that the autoscrapping system isn’t working as intended, and many complain that they’ve lost materials that they had converted to bulk. The studio hasn’t given any further updates on when to expect the latest issue to be resolved.

Fallout 76 has had a history of unintended problems both in and outside the game. A recent bug temporarily disabled nukes, an important late-game feature. Outside of the game, Bethesda was heavily criticized for misleading advertisements about a special edition canvas bag, and then in its attempt to make right and provide the bags, it leaked users’ personal data. This was on top of the generally low review scores that the game suffered upon release.

The studio is still forging ahead with plans to keep supporting it, however. It has announced updates coming this year including a new mode without PvP restrictions, and the ability to run your own shop.

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