7 Milestones for Black Superheroes Across 4 Decades of Film and TV

2018 was a great year for comic book fans. We got eight major film adaptations, ranging from huge blockbusters (Avengers: Infinity War) to critical marvels (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse). Nearly all of them were well received by not only die-hard comic book fans but by the general public, as well. And in some cases, even by those who would have never given a comic book a second thought.

Though bombastic fights and amazing visuals in these films helped sell the onscreen drama, there were far more significant elements that contributed to their standout presences. These films offered a subtler yet impactful theme: the positive representation of black characters. In honor of Black History Month, we decided to look back over the years to pinpoint seven of the most groundbreaking milestones in the evolution of that representation in comic book adaptations.

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