Spider-Man PS4 Director Reflects on the Game’s Development

In a panel at DICE today, Insomniac’s Ted Price and Bryan Intihar sat down to discuss the latter’s history at the company.

Inevitably, some of that discussion veered onto the topic of the company’s biggest hit, Spider-Man on PS4, for which Intihar was the creative director. On the way, we learned a few things about the game’s development – here are the highlights:

There Were Originally Too Many Gold Trash Cans

While discussing how Intihar learned to provide feedback during production, he gave an unexpected example:

“Do you want to know how it started originally? With me screaming about gold trash cans animating. That we had too many gold trashcans in the F.E.A.S.T. shelter, because I thought that was a big detail. I was like: there cannot be gold trashcans in this. And there was a point where one of our old environment artists just started putting gold trashcans in screenshots and sending them to me.”

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