Priceless Play – 16 February 2019

I don’t like Dream Daddy. There. I said it. A game that de-eroticises queer romance in some apolitical neoliberal mystery world isn’t it, chief.* There’s a lot to love there, but so much about its technically-indie-corporate-sheen marketing gay romance rubs me the wrong way. I’m glad the game is there for those who need it, I’m glad there’s a game where queer folks seem pretty happy, but I’m not going to sing its praises from the rooftops just because the hype around a gay driven romance suggests that I should — and the only way for things to get better is for queer folks to keep making games about them. I guess you could say I’m grumpy.

It should be pretty clear by now that I feel all sorts of ways about romance in games — not just in Dream Daddy. Let’s say that our relationship is… complicated. I want to have a complicated relationship with games! I think it is so so important to walk through life with a willingness and openness to have conversations about what does or doesn’t work for you and why. I believe that this is true of all healthy relationships. You aren’t going to always get along, your partner is going to make mistakes, and it’s good to know how to apologise.


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