New Detective Pikachu Poster Is Hiding Lots Of Pokemon, Including Mewtwo

Warner Bros. and The Pokemon Company have shared a new trailer for Detective Pikachu, the upcoming live-action movie based on the game of the same name. Alongside it, the companies have revealed a new Detective Pikachu movie poster, which contains a ton of subtle references and Easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans to spot.

Just as the trailer, the poster features a number of new Pokemon that hadn’t previously been seen in the movie. The most obvious are the two Aipom hanging out on the Detective Pikachu logo, but you can also spot Treecko and Loudred by the neon signs in the lower lefthand corner of the poster. Even further below, you can see Snorlax, in typical fashion, in the middle of the street blocking traffic.

Most interesting, however, is Mewtwo. The Legendary Psychic Pokemon appears toward the end of the new trailer, and it can be spotted in the distance standing atop the farthest building to the left. Just what Mewtwo’s role in the film will be remains a mystery, but the Legendary Pokemon also played a major part in the Detective Pikachu game.

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Much like the 3DS game, the Detective Pikachu movie follows the story of Tim (Justice Smith), who has the unique ability to understand Pokemon. His father, a famous private detective, has gone missing, so Tim teams up with Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) to investigate his disappearance. The cast also includes Kathryn Newton (Blockers), Ken Watanabe (Godzilla, Inception), and Bill Nighy (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows).

Detective Pikachu arrives in theaters on May 10. The movie is directed by Rob Letterman, who previously helmed Goosebumps, Captain Underpants, and Shark Tale. In addition to the new trailer, Warner Bros. recently released a humorous promotional video for Detective Pikachu, in which Ryan Reynolds discusses the different methods he used to fully inhabit the role of the iconic Pokemon.

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