Final Fantasy XIV Online Shadowbringers: New Race, Job, Raid, Trailer, Screens, And More Revealed At Fan Fest

The 2019 Final Fantasy Fan Fest in Tokyo began today with a keynote address from game director Naoki Yoshida, and the 90-minute briefing was packed with news and insight on the new Shadowbringers expansion for Final Fantasy XIV coming out later this year. Perhaps the biggest news was the announcement of a new Job. The new Job is Dancer.

As the name suggests, Dancer uses dance moves, in a way, to combat their enemies. Performing dances executes certain abilities, while some specific dances buff nearby party members.

Dancer is a ranged DPS Job, and its main arm is used for throwing weapons. It has no associated class, according to Square Enix, and you’ll be able to start using Dancer at level 60.

Another huge announcement was the next playable race for Final Fantasy XIV–the Hrothgar. Cat-like humanoids, the Hrothgar will be available in male and female variants, and each will have unique heads and customisable features. They also each have two clans.

Also during the presentation, Square Enix showed off two new cities, Norvrandt (the Crystarium), Eulmore. The Crystarium is a beautiful, expansive place with blue-hued environments. Eulore is also a sight to behold, as it sits atop a massive, ornate, and steampunk-looking structure.

Square Enix also used the news-packed keynote to reveal Final Fantasy XIV’s latest Beast Tribe–the Dwarves. Not a whole lot of information was shared, but the company confirmed these dwarves always have beards and they always wear helmets–even at the dinner table. They’re experts in mining and metallurgy.

The new Dancer Job
The new Dancer Job

Another big piece of news was the announcement of the game’s next eight-player raid series. It’s called Eden, and while little is known about the specifics, Square Enix confirmed that none other than legendary designer Tetsuya Nomura is working as a character and boss designer for it.

Shadowbringers launches on July 2, but an Early Access period will start on June 28, Square Enix announced. However, that was only a tentative date, so it is subject to change.

An epic new, six-minute trailer for Shadowbringers was shown during the keynote. You can see this trailer above, while a number of brand-new screenshots can be seen embedded in this post.

The Hrothgar
The Hrothgar
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While fans have to wait a while longer for Shadowbringers, the next big update for Final Fantasy XIV, update 4.56, launches on March 26.

As for the Final Fantasy Fan Fest, it runs all weekend long, so keep checking back with GameSpot for more. Disclosure: Square Enix paid for GameSpot’s flight to Tokyo and accomodations.

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