Dungeons & Dragons Announces D&D Live 2019: The Descent

The Dungeons & Dragons team at Wizards of the Coast have announced their 2019 reveal event, a follow-up to last year’s Stream of Many Eyes, entitled D&D Live: The Descent.

The event, running from May 17-19, 2019, is centered around revealing the next adventure module for D&D 5th edition, as well as showcasing community creations and previewing additional D&D content. The entire event will be streamed on the official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch channel.

In addition to live gameplay sessions previewing the upcoming adventure, the weekend-long stream will feature appearances from guests such as actor (and huge D&D fan) Matthew Lillard, fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss, musical performances produced by The Decemberists’ Chris Funk, and the casts of several popular D&D-themed podcasts and shows. Badges can be purchased starting April 9th, 2019, though they run in short supply and cost $300 USD. From the official announcement:

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