AMD Navi: Everything we know so far about AMD’s next-gen graphics cards

The next generation of AMD Navi graphics cards have been a known quantity for a number of years now, but it’s only been during the last couple of months that we’ve started to see some proper, concrete details start to emerge about them. We still don’t know much about their individual specs, price or an exact release date yet, but we do know, for instance, that they’ll support ray tracing, the fancy new lighting tech currently the hot topic of the day over on the new crop of Nvidia RTX cards.

Teased back at GDC with a Radeon RX Vega 56-powered ray tracing demo and confirmed yesterday via Wired’s PlayStation 5 exclusive (which will use a custom variant of AMD’s Navi GPU), the fact that AMD’s Navi cards will definitely support ray tracing tells us a number of things – and to help you separate probably likely facts from clearly made-up fiction, I’ve put everything we know about them so far into one handy guide.


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