Nowhere Prophet hits the road this summer and it’s made me a digital card game convert

It’s been over a year since Sharkbomb Studio’s rad-looking card-based roguelike Nowhere Prophet last made camp at the RPS Treehouse, but since then the game has disappeared from its early access pilgrimage on Itch and set its ever-expanding caravan towards a full release later this summer. Based on a recent build I played at PAX East recently, I’d say it’s shaping up to be one hell of a trip.

In case you missed Adam’s Nowhere Prophet preview last year, this is an open deck builder where the members of your caravan are the cards you play across two-to-four-lane battlefields as you lead them toward a fabled land known rather ominously as ‘The Crypt’ – the last peaceful stronghold on your home planet of Soma. Yes, there are probably ‘metaphors’ aplenty ahead with a name like that for your final destination, but even after my brief time with the game it’s clear there’s a lot more to this post-apocalyptic sci-fi world than meets the eye.


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