Silly siege warfare of King Arthur’s Gold is going free-to-play

Jumping jesters, would you look at this. Cracking multiplayer siege ‘em up King Arthur’s Gold is going free-to-play, say the creators. This is A-grade news. News that makes me want to put both thumbs up. Hang on. There, botrh thumbs s up now but actualy itsquite hard to typewith just your pinkie s at jhis angle so let’s stop. Anyway, yes, this is a game of team-based medieval silliness, somewhere between Worms and Terraria. I did our King Arthur’s Gold review many years ago, and I have blown the royal bugle about it since. It was worth the handful of quid even back then, and now it’s going free. So I’m here to tell all ye lowly peasant rabble: collect your pig pokers, grab your big wheat forks or what-have-you, and come join this manic, comical war of tiny pixel men. It’s very good.


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