Pokemon Detective Pikachu WTF Questions

Warning: full SPOILERS for Pokemon Detective Pikachu!

Tim and Detective Pikachu may have cracked the case at the core of the movie, but we were still left with some big questions that don’t have obvious answers. The kind that give you a Psyduck-sized headache if you think about too much.

How Can Mewtwo Manipulate SOULS?

While Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Legendary with a scary amount of power, its abilities have always been depicted as telekinesis and telepathy in the form of moves like Confusion, Psychic and Barrier. That’s why watching Detective Pikachu’s Mewtwo merge people’s souls into Pokemon left us utterly flabbergasted. That takes Mewtwo to a godly level of power we’ve never seen before and are still having trouble comprehending.

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