Priceless Play – 1 June 2019

Happy June, Priceless Pals! We did it. We made it all the way to those summer months. Get out your picnic blankets, your Pimms fixings, and your complaints about the heat ASAP! I, for one, am stoked for all the games I plan to play late into the summer nights. I am also so stoked for when I realise that I definitely don’t have the time to play games late into the night, and by mid-July I haven’t played any of the games I intended to and my backlog just keeps growing and growing and growing.

When I was a kid and nights seemed longer, my summers were spent playing games like Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate. To me, nothing says summer holidays like pouring hours and hours into an RPG. These days, I barely have enough time to keep track of all the RPGs available, let alone play them. In that vein, here are some free games with all the vibes of a dungeon-crawler, RPG, or otherwise action-slash-adventure experience without the hours of commitment.


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